Bar-Chart Side By Side With Candlestick Chart

Bar-Chart Side By Side With Candlestick Chart
Because the body of the candle is thicker than the shadow, candlestick charts visually stress how the close price relates to the open price far more than bar charts. Candlestick traders have a saying; the real body is the essence of price movement.

Bar charts on the other hand allow spikes to highs and lows to have prominence when exploring their data, these highs and lows often represent market noise, less significant to good analysis. The power of candles is their ability to visually screen out this static and focus on what the market was able force price to do during a period of trading

Outside of the trading pit, Technical Analysis is really the only way to gauge market emotion. A candlestick alone does not give much information useful to determining market sentiment. Market professionals do however look for specific patterns of candlesticks to gauge future price movements. Many of these candlestick names have eccentric names like Morning Star, Dark Cloud Cover or Engulfing Pattern that are based translations of their Japanese names. The names also tend to reflect market sentiment.

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