Bearish Breakaway Candlestick

Bearish Breakaway Candlestick
Direction: Bearish
Type: Reversal
Reliability: Moderate
The first day is a long blue day
The second, third and forth days all continue in the same direction with higher closes, but more weakly than the first bullish push. • The fifth day is a long red day that closes into the body of the first or second days.

The first few candles suggest the strength of trend has accelerated significantly. By the third and forth days weaker moves up suggest the trend has started to slow. In fact the first three or four days matches the Bearish Advance Block formation. The Advance Block Pattern is not normally a strong reversal pattern and traders usually wait for additional confirmation the next day. The last candle of the Bearish Breakaway offers exactly that confirmation. After the few days of deteriorating bullish trend, a clear bearish candle emerges to reorient the markets direction. Markets typically want to see the bearish candle move below the previous two or three days deterioration for ideal confirmation. Candlestick analysts in non-FX markets typically require Breakaways to have gaps after the first big bullish move. Variations in gaps suggest changing strength of Breakaways. Due to the nature of the more efficient, 24 hour currency market, traders will not see such gaps.

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