Economic Data Release Schedule

Economic Data Release Schedule
Scheduled Release at 8:30 am Eastern set at this time, in part, so data is available to the public before markets open at 9:00 am Eastern. Allowing for the dissemination, and hopefully more rational digestion of economic data.

8:00 am ET, Members of the Press Have Access to the Report Under an security lock-down, and without access to transmitting electronics, members of the press are allowed access to the pre-release, and use their time to write preliminary articles that will be wired at 8:30 am.

8:25 am ET members of the press are allowed to power their transmitting devises (mostly laptops with access to the internet), under strict rules not to pre-release any information.

8:29 am ET, Synchronize Watches Agency employees are in contact the Navel Observatory to confirm the official time, and watch the count-down to release.

8:30 am ET Member of the press are free to release data, in most cases anyone with access to the internet or cable television may know the release within seconds after 8:30 am.

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